Anuradha Rajagopala 3rd Year Photography Student has created a series of images that explores how we look at landscape and colour.

Anuradha Rajagopala (4)

My work seeks to explore the way people perceive landscape and colour and the manner in which one influences the other. I started my exploration with photos of landscapes and moved on to themes where the landscape being photographed gets engulfed by smoke and colour, which draw the eye.

Anuradha Rajagopala (3)

My exploration of the landscape has been influenced by the work of the Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde. Smilde seeks to create sculptures that are ephemeral and passing. His chosen medium is a ‘cloud’, which he seeks to create indoors – in transitional spaces such as corridors, elevators, staircases and balconies that exist to be in between. The cloud hangs in the space, for a brief moment in time and is photographed to leave an image in the mind of the viewer.

Anuradha Rajagopala (2)

My early experiments were around creating coloured clouds. I have recreated the ‘cloud’ through the use of smoke bombs. Unlike Smilde’s work, where the clouds are static, I have tried to create an impression of movement and action by capturing the swirl of the smoke. I then moved on to exploring landscapes through a combination of colour and cloud.

Anuradha Rajagopala (1)

The colour of the smoke infuses the landscape, sometimes strongly and sometimes through dainty wisps lingering in the air, long after the smoke bomb is spent. The smoke, the colour and the landscape each interact with the other to leave a strong impression on the viewer. The viewer is left to question what they are looking at, without a narrative, to create their own meaning. The intensity of the colour and the ethereal haze created by the smoke combine to transport the viewer to another world


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