It was so lovely meeting you at the Freshers Fayre this morning, issue 04 of BUMF is tucked into your AUBSU tote bag, so if you have a few minutes between eating, getting ready & pre drinking we’d love it if you had a little read.

So, many of you were keen to join our team, theres a description of all the job titles we’re recruiting in the back of issue 04, however if you don’t have that to hand here they are…


Content Manager //

We are looking for someone who can organise & respond to our submissions, schedule website posts and bring new submissions to our tuesday meetings. So what we’re trying to say is we need someone who is really organised, reliable and doesn’t mind a bit of admin to tend too.

Social Media //

Aside from our website we also have Twitter / Snapchat & Instagram. We need someone who can look after these channels. We need you to be able to gain and sustain our following by interacting and reaching out to new and existing students adding a bit of personality to our online presence!

Photographers //

Inhouse //

We’re looking to recruit an in-house photographer which is available to photograph students work if needs be. This will entail communicating and organising dates with the student and also booking studio space.

Events //

We’re looking for an event photographer who is keen to shoot our Gallery Private Views and any other events we hold. We also do reviews here at BUMF so you may be sent out on a little night adventure to photograph a music event or such alike.

Writers //

Article //

We’re looking for some writers who are interested in current affairs predominantly within the creative realm. Someone who can write to a short deadline & can respond to current & relevant topics.

Events //

We’re looking for a review editor who will be able to attend events and write a substantial review based on their experience. This could entail music events, gallery private views or plays.


We’re looking for a team of videographers who can be available at sometimes short notice to film for our Friday Features. We’re looking for people who work efficiently together. You may also be required to attend some of our events such as Gallery Private Views or such alike.

Subject Scouts //

We’re looking for a group of students to be ambassadors for BUMF, we’d like you to engage with and interact with different courses enlightening them about submitting to our publication and BUMF as a whole.


Back to the fun stuff, Issue 04 is stocked in 60 Million Postcards, Buffalo, Conto Lounge & Coffee No1. It is also stocked around uni, in the SU office, library & by the entrance to the Arts Bar.

Please fill out our application form to apply for one of the roles!



Alice & Rory,