‘Backs of Varanasi’ is a project by Anuradha Rajagopal on Level 6 BA (Hons) Photography.


Backs of Varanasi is a destination project in one of the most holiest cities in India called Varanasi.

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I looked at contrasts and daily life as a theme and tried to capture the secrets of the holy city. The series of photographs I shot were taken over a week.

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I focused mainly on people and their actions, I found photographing them from the back led the photos to be questioned and became intriguing. Many different elements from bold colours to spiritual rituals were captured during my time in the city.

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Overall, this project taught me about the ways in which people carry out holy ceremonies. Varanasi itself is such a busy place each corner holds a beautiful photograph; every minute you would be overwhelmed by the smell, people and noise. One thing that I took away was within all the noise and thousands of people there is a sense of stillness and beauty and this is what I also wanted to capture in my images.

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