The next BUMF:Gallery exhibition ‘Pores’ features the works of Fine Artist’s Kayleigh Underwood, Lauren Emmett and Keely Seabright. With a shared ongoing interest in the human form, these three artists showcase their particular points of concern through three separate installations.

Identifying herself as a trans-humanist, Kayleigh’s work is a critical expression of her interest in post human culture, prophesizing the future of man and machine, she has created an installation using materials potentially found in fantasy cyborg tales alongside that of typically human flesh forms. Lauren’s installation takes influence from her interest in the existence and ‘being’ of her own body, acknowledging ephemeral bodily occurrences such as breathe as well as her irrefutably individual skin pattern and evolving them into a perpetual experience. Keely’s installation uses a wide range of domestic materials and craft based techniques in order to create a depiction of the maternal body, based around and celebrating her own sensations she experienced throughout her pregnancy and birth.

Private View @ 4pm at BUMF:Gallery, Arts University Bournemouth

Kayleigh Underwood
Lauren Emmett
Keely Seabright

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