Photographed by Christian Marot

I am a London based Fine Art Photographer. Experimenting with a range of camera-less techniques my work explores the line between the abstract and figurative. Often working on a large scale, the works aim to provoke a sense of awe and ambiguity. 

The natural world plays a common motif, attempting to conjure particular moods and feelings of an object or place. My ongoing series ‘Europa’ explores unfamiliar and otherworldly landscapes that could perhaps be mistaken for the icy surface of Jupiters smallest Gaillan moon. 

Whilst the images resemble these barren lunar landscapes, in reality they have been created in a darkroom using large format film, a selection of minerals and compounds found throughout the solar system and the intervention of light. The use of such minerals and compounds, namely; salt, water and ice means that the process is indexically bound too Europa itself. Being that the icy surface encases an ocean of salty water that lies below. The works intend to provoke a dialogue and encourages audiences to question the process and reality of what they are looking at.