Designed by Lydia Rogers 

Highgate Hill House is a live project designed by architects Eldridge, London. As part of my External Brief Unit during the winter term, I was able to work with Eldridge on this project by making a presentational and record model of the design for their office.

Completed over 10 weeks, the model is at a scale of 1:250 with a baseboard size of 425mm by 425mm. It follows the architectural practice’s house style of light coloured timber with a square plywood base, where the sides expose the layers of the wood. The practice is in favour of timber models over white architectural models because of the qualities timber provide. This being: enhancing the aesthetic of the model with its natural appearance, it is quiet and calm as well as being a durable material that won’t go out of fashion in this industry. 

The model presents the proposed design within its existing surroundings as well as representing the 3 cantilevering boxes that ‘floats’ above the living space below. The use of a darker veneer running under the house is to highlight this. Other design features the model includes is a courtyard with a tree in the middle of the house, a current in thing within architecture at the moment, as well as the reflective surface adjacent to the front door of the house. Model construction of the private residential home has followed traditional architectural modelmaking processes. The base is made up of 32 layers of Lime veneer, each individually laser cut and hand stacked upon the main plywood base. By stacking veneer layers, it gives the impression of the hillside the house sits in to. The proposed house is constructed of an acrylic core that has been neatly wrapped with etched veneer. Any glazing has been frosted on the inside to ensure the focus is centred on the exterior of the building rather than the interior. Context buildings have been hand cut and shaped on the circular saw out of solid Lime wood, each fitting into dedicated holes within the base.

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