Adam Tofil is a Level 5 BA (Hons) Photography student at Arts University Bournemouth.

Tea and biscuits at 12?

More like long queues of socially deprived people selling their last possessions to pay this months rent and maybe buy a few beers to drown their cynical thoughts.

I grew up in Streatham – it’s in South West London in-between Brixton and Croydon. Predominantly the things I saw and experienced were pretty dark – it was a side of London I got to know, all of us (my friends) would get beaten up, robbed, sometimes stabbed. This was all during the graffiti era in London 1990’s-2007, shoplifting clothes, alcohol and spray paint, bunking trains, eating junk food… drugs… It was one side of London and I’m aware my experiences do not speak about London as a whole…

I started shooting on film 6 years ago, it was never anything serious – just taking pictures for the sake of pictures. I read somewhere once that we should photograph the world before it disappears – well, London definitely isn’t the same anymore… The pictures I captured hopefully channel a subtle feeling of melancholia to express what I felt growing up in London.

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