Hey, seeing as BUMF has handed over to our new editors we thought they deserved an introduction. (Thanks Will for doing a great job last year.)

13931588_10153495182400834_1467062955_oRory here, the new co-editor of BUMF magazine. I’m going into my 3rd and final year on BA Commercial Photography at AUB.

I’ve been in some kind of role at BUMF for just over a year now and along with Alice have seen the magazine shortlisted for awards, created weekly spotlights for AUB creatives and stocked BUMF in many local café’s, bars and shops. I intend to achieve much more in my final year here, focusing on what our students are doing off-campus as well as on, showcasing our music, drama and other non-visual arts.


While keeping modest in our approach, I feel BUMF should be a publication for all students to be proud of and something for us all to shout about. I will try my hardest to make BUMF into a winning magazine to top our shortlisted successes of last year. The essence of doing this job is not to claim the glory for myself but ensuring BUMF gets the credit it truly deserves. BUMF is the reader’s, the people who submit their work every day and the fantastic team that put together that little magazine on the library shelves. Hopefully I’ll see you all around campus soon, if you have any ideas or think you might be just what BUMF needs, don’t be afraid to tap me on the shoulder and we’ll have a natter.



aliceHey! I’m Alice, also co-editor of BUMF and going into my 3rd Year studying Graphic Design.

For the past year I have been designing BUMF’s printed publication & taken a general role in overall organisation of BUMF. However this year I want to push it to the next level, making a community for students to interact and learn from. Of course being a designer I care about how it looks however this year I also want to focus on the opportunities for students which could arise from being featured.

Similar to Rory I want to get involved with what students are doing outside of uni, I’m also keen to start creating events for students to come too making BUMF a community rather than just a website/publication. I’m so excited for the future of this special little publication and we will try our best to represent it in the best light possible, gaining credibility as we go along.


If you want to join our team or have any great ideas for future issues/events we’d love to hear from you.

We will be opening applications in September to join our Editorial Team, we don’t bite…promise!


If you want to have a little sneak at Rory and Alice’s work –

Rory’s Instagram – @roryjamesphoto

Alices Instagram – @alicedaisypomfret


The illustrations were by 3rd Year Graphic Design Student Perry Rowe  (Thankyou!)

See you in September!

Rory & Alice