The gallery is off to a good start this year, having already showcased some interesting work from Fine Art students. This is all down to this year’s BUMF Gallery coordinators…

Introducing Ben and Shannon

Ben// Hey, I’m Ben, one of the newly appointed gallery coordinators for BUMF Gallery. I’m in my final year of Commercial Photography. My work I’d describe as social documentary and landscape photography; I like to look at communities and the earth’s little nuances and banalities that we sometimes walk past or avoid.10My Aim for bumf gallery is to really spread the word about the space itself, making people aware that they can always experience a different type of artistic output in that space. I also really want to push people to get involved with the curating process themselves, if that interests them. If you submit an idea for a Bumf Gallery exhibition through the site or contact us you could have your own show put together in no time! Overall I really just want to showcase some of the amazing work AUB students create in our creative uni environment by giving another physical platform that it can be displayed in. You can have a cheeky look at Ben’s work here.

Shannon// Hey! I’m Shannon, I am the other half of the Gallery Coordination team and I am in my third year studying as a BA Photography student. I would say my practice varies in style from time to time as I’m one of those people who likes to try as many different styles as possible. Currently I am mainly working with food and medicine as a subject for my images.


My vision and idea for the gallery is to reinforce it as something that shows off the raw talent that students and graduates at AUB have. Something to celebrate work in progress and to encourage the importance of exhibiting work early on in each students artistic career.

Don’t be shy, come visit the BUMF Gallery! The next exhibition is ‘Belonging’, and starts on Monday 21st November. For more information, or to submit your own work for exhibition, see the website: