Elena// Project L.A.R.S. (Like A Rolling Stone) consists of thirty hand painted rocks each different names and personalities. All their names are acronyms that hide the meanings behind each rock. You could find a rock that bites, one that will teach you a French word, even a porn-star rock.


Their complete names are:

1. Talk With Your Recent Past Self (You have to speak with your past self from 5-minutes-ago, have a nice chat!)
2. Sings Just Country Songs (First Taylor Swift’s album does not count)
3. Will Not Make You Dinner (Maybe lunch, if you ask kindly)
4. It Bites (So watch your fingers)
5. A Contemporary Art Piece (You can stare and make dissertations about it)

6. Can Read Your Mind (Don’t worry, it won’t tell anyone that secret fetish of yours)
7. Is Allergic To Cats (So keep your feline friend away from it)
8. Will Teach You A French Word (But just one, so choose wisely)
9. Dances Just When Britney Spears Is On (If you put on “Hit Me Baby One More Time”, there is a chance it could do a backflip)
10. Has Five Degrees (But no one cares)

11. Can Become Soap If You Blow On It Gently (Just when you need extra cleaning)
12. Get Your Hair Done (It might make you bald)
13. Silence The Day (Constant silence for twenty-four hours)
14. Better Than An iPhone (It can take amazing selfies)
15. The Magical One (It’s just a magic rock)
16. Racist Rock (It will like you unless you are female, black, asian, latino, gay, muslim or a refugee)
17. Famous Porn-Star (You surely have seen it a lot, it will give you one of its DVDs for free)

18. Disney’s Movies Lover (Knows the entire Mulan script by heart)
19. Can Convert You (The religion is not important, it just will)
20. Political Rock (You two will argue a lot)
21. Formet Terrorist (It could be dangerous. Sometimes.)
22. Will Save Your Life (Do you not feel safe? Just bring it with you. It’s F.T.’s best friend)
23. Cute But Also A Psychopath (It might fool you, but this one is really unpredictable)


24. Speaks Only Japanese (しかし,日本は美しい言語です)
25. Can Teach You A Lot Of Useless Stuff (Maybe you will need it sometimes, who knows)
26. Is Secretly A Watch (It is trying to hide it in any way, though)
27. The Passive-Aggressive Rock (It’s fine with you. Yeah, totally)
28. Scared of Aliens (Just don’t talk about them in front of it, please)
29. Will Still Call Barck Obama President (And what will you do?)
30. Is A Microwave (Leave it cooking!)


Each rock is painted with guache or watercolour without any primer, and attached to the wall so that all thirty of them form an (almost) perfect square. My work is, in general, meant to be funny and light, and created to mock classical labelling and museum’s classification.

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