In a town saturated with cheap club nights, where you know the track list of by heart and get confused when its 12:30am and neither Stacey’s mum, or Wonderwall have been played yet, it’s often hard for alternative nights to get recognised or appreciated however, Luke and Andy have been able to create a night which abolishes all these misconceptions.


Transmission started off as a side project during university 3years ago for design students Luke Griffiths and Andy Blanchfield and has now blossomed into a well-adorned record label and live night championing the little (often big) treasures that the music industry has to offer us. With the main focus of “reinjecting life into what was a near-dead music scene” TRNS have been able to create quite a racket down in this south coast seaside town.

vinylstaircaseSeeing Fabric’s closure earlier this year reinstates the inherent need for alternative nightlife, and further evokes the importance of Luke and Andy’s quest to fill our eyes and ears with new fresh delights. However this is becoming an even harder job with their former home, The Winchester also shutting down meaning the transmission team are dispersing across the uk but don’t worry Luke states that the “aim is to remain an independent live music collective – providing high energy, intimate shows around the UK for upcoming national and international artists, and if you end up horizontal – crawling across the ceiling, then that’s even better, right?”


Many people often ask me what is TRNS? Why do you go? And if I’m honest I haven’t yet been able to find a definition, which perfectly sums ups the inhibitions, debauchery and joy which is displayed by all, but what I do know is over the past three years Luke and Andy have been able to build the most dysfunctional, loving family and collection of people I have ever experienced, and for this I think it’s safe to say that we will all have a TRNS shaped hole in our life.

RIP Transmission 2014 – 2017.

One radiator short of a perfect night.


Details of final show – 

RIP Transmission / Skegss, Yoofs, Party Hardly, Leeches & Quim Reaper

19th May // 22:00pm – 4:00am

£5 Advanced Tickets:



Words // Alice Pomfret

Images // Rowan Allen