Our Article Writer Katie Charleston visits Lu Tingting’s exhibition ‘Lisa’.


40 days is all it took for Lu Tingting to produce the exhibition ‘Lisa’, currently in our bumf gallery. unnamed-5

From conception to creation, she took the idea of “information transfer and information asymmetry”, and evolved it into an abstract collection of multimedia experiences, from photography, to animation, to truly bizarre but brilliantly justified installations using pillows, cement, leaves, lampshades, buttons, clay, and her own hair. The scale alone, especially for a project so brief, was impressive, with one of the installations measuring over seven metres. unnamed-6

The exhibition explored the creation of a fictional character – Lisa. Under the mentorship of Dominic Shepard, ‘Lisa’ was constructed from cultural references; Lisa’s throughout history, Lisa’s from social media, from stories, operas, plays, and songs. The multisensory features of all of these people, converged and averaged, to create this beautiful Frankenstein. unnamed-7

The result was a white noise of distorted reality, glimpses of sense among confusion. All of these histories pulled together form one entity, which is all of us, but none of us. Everyone, but no one.


Tingting’s enthusiasm was heart-warming, as was the clear support she had from her friends and colleagues. Though she teaches at a university in China, during her short visit to AUB, she claims to have changed dramatically in her artistic style and approach, as a result of immersing herself in a different culture, and challenging herself to new experiences.

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Connections and collaborations like this enrich life at our university, and the creative industries as a whole. No matter how multicultural or open-minded we think we are, there is always more to learn from each other.


Words by Katie Charleston // Photographs by Kate Wolstenholme