Our Chief Article Writer Brittany Sutcliffe visits ‘A Painting Exhibition’.

In Bournemouth Gardens on Friday 13th, we had ’A Painting Exhibition’ curated by our very own artist in residence, Sian Hutchins. The exhibition consisted of twenty-one artists tasked with challenging the medium of paint. Historically, paint has been a palette, a brush and a canvas. Sian’s exhibition didn’t disprove that but highlighted that even a process with such a history as painting can also adapt in the modern world. Back a few hundred years and the most people had on the subject of the arts was composing music, drawing and painting, universally something reserved for the upper class to indulge into as a hobby. Even then, we could say that sound and image have grown up alongside each other and only now, in a time where art is more widely accessible, can we fully explore that.

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Aptly located in The Band Stand, the works were required to incorporate sound in some way. Some considered it in the process, others found a direct way to involve it in their outcome. Impressive turnout for such chilly weather, fantastic support for events like this are crucial to holding more of them! There were interactive installations and performance pieces for people to get their teeth into. Boundaries were pushed as one set of works were made using different concentrations of carbon, which when used in conjunction with the accompanying interactive installation, provided different sounds. A minimalist catalogue of the works included contributions from John Baldessari and Alison Carlier. The pioneering conception of this exhibition and the thoughtfulness of each artist’s work was overwhelmingly evident, as each person could walk away rethinking what it means to take something and make it their own, as well as considering how other familiar mediums might transform in the near future.

Words by Brittany Sutcliffe // Photographs by Kate Wolstenholme