Chloë // I recently became fascinated with realistic portraits and sketches, having previously sworn during GCSE and A-Level art that I would never attempt such as thing ever and creating art with a pencil was the work of the devil.

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I’ve been an avid doodler for as long as I can remember, with thousands of tiny cartoonish sketches littering various school text books throughout the years, so to discover that I can actually draw reasonably well was a big shock. It took a little bit of experimenting but I have finally found my style. It has also taught me patience – each drawing (dependent on size) usually takes between 6 and 20 hours to complete.
I really love all styles of drawing and will never abandon my tiny doodles, but creating these portraits has helped me broaden my understanding of how to use different forms of media, and I hope to experiment using other techniques over the summer – in particular I plan to expand my range by attending pottery and paint courses.

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