Our Chief Article Writer Brittany Sutcliffe visits BUMF Gallery Print Auction.


This evening, I poked my head into the BUMF gallery for a look at the Type 55 Print Auction. Goes without saying, lots of professional work on offer and even better, an opportunity for you to get yourself a copy at whatever price somebody doesn’t outbid you for! It’s a relaxed evening aka no auctioneer with a table and hammer.


I was mildly disappointed by this but that just made the process ten times simpler. All you had to do was wander around and pop your name, your number, and your offer down.


Supporting your fellow students, light refreshments and a gander of the work on offer. How’s that for a slice of fried gold? The auction also saw the chance to peek at tutors and technicians work from their free time.


Having events like these is a great confidence booster for all the hard work the students have put in so far, especially when the BUMF gallery was packed again like this evening. Many thanks to those who made it. For those of you who missed it, don’t sweat, there will be more to come.


All work was submitted then picked to be put on offer so next time around, keep an eye out as your own work could end up in there!


You might find yourself with a few quid in your back pocket and a chance to suss out the current talent. Big congratulations to everyone who participated in making this evening a success.

Words by Brittany Sutcliffe // Photographs by Kate Wolstenholme