BA (Hons) Commercial Photography Level 5 student Johnny Fonseca’s editorial “SUNDAZE” focuses on the boundaries of love and power and the movement of a Sunday morning.

Models: Adrienne Villanueva & Savanna Small
Stylist: Aidin Mahoor
MUAH: Mimi Pixie
Set designer: Lania Karim
Words: Simone Julie

Today let’s bathe in this cotton silk duvet
Dream of exotic holidays and caress each others elbows
Let’s build a fort to drown out the traffic and Thank God we don’t have work today.

Today we vow to indulge in simple things
Like smooth orange juice and lightly buttered toast
I adore how you wrinkle your nose and wipe crumbs from your small freckled face.
And your smile feels warm to me like the suns ray.

Today let us make lasting memory of this gentle Sunday morning.
To laugh the day by in the shadows with you.
In your soft deep eyes a sincere light welcomes me in
To bow my head as I lay to rest.

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