Charlie Carstairs recently graduated from the BA (Hons) Fashion at Arts University Bournemouth.

Taste is an experience actualised through products, illustrations, animation and more. Taste excites and adds humour to your life. Taste products can be purchased from a range starting with fashion and lifestyle accessories. Taste’s website offers the user an experience of a world in which excitement and creativity is encouraged.

Taste’s brand personality is young, humorous, creative and exciting. With a strong emphasis on aesthetics, Taste aims to always look polished and on trend. Taste wishes to make its consumers laugh and find the fun side to fashion.

Taste characters developed out of the imagination of creator Charlie Carstairs, have been inspired by bright colours and freedom of expression. Consumers of any gender are welcomed, using Taste to add humour to their lives, Taste products brighten up an outfit and add a personal flair that makes them stand out. It offers a talking point on their personal style and taste.

Gleb Magnet Limon Pin Wiley Collar Tips Wiley Pin

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