Jordan // Looking at connections between texture, skin, organic and bodily form I attempt to suggest a sexual charge through representation. I use myself in my work, adopting any media necessary for my intentions. In the past I have used photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, projection, installation and multimedia to fulfill my aims.


My work often depicts macro shots or parts of the body layered together or put together in ‘plates’; these form larger pieces of work that can sometimes resemble other parts of the body such as genitalia or other bodily orifices.


The work is usually initiated by my desire to bring what we think we know about self-consciousness and confidence into question. I use my work and research to explore different ways to reveal the body and even ways to subtract it from composition, leaving only traces of bodily suggestion that is de-personalised. For this reason, my face is usually hidden or completely absent from the work I produce.img_20160821_133823red

I also like to work with the concept of skin. Working with painting and drawing to develop layers creating a skin – looking at material and textures as skin and allowing this to feed into my work. More recently I painted directly onto a model’s skin – something I’ve never done and wanted to try. I used acrylic knowing it would dry quickly from the body heat and form a skin itself. This is something I am considering taking further.img_2407

Representing objects such as stones and peppers in a bodily fashion is something else I am experimenting with. Ed Weston’s Peppers are a point of inspiration. He sexually objectifies these, otherwise ordinary, vegetables and then guides us to associate them with bodies often by photographing them together or putting on next to the other. I want to play with this idea and then push it onto other objects – shifting sexual objectification from people onto things such as peppers. These experiments will be a way of exploring collage using very few images and investigating how one meaning and another can be put together to create a kind of summary or third meaning that is decided by the viewer.


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