Lucy Hilton created this moving image piece as part of a project for 3rd year Fine Art.

I find myself torn; somewhere between a heartfelt believer in the miraculous and the cerebral second guesser, who, trained in the cynicism of critical theory postulates this spirituality to be a sweetly nostalgic longing for a golden age, that perhaps never existed. The film is shot in the New Forest, and I was drawn there because of its romantic history, its mystical secrets. Sentimental for the old world, when alchemic outsiders and cunning men looked upon an uncharted landscape. I trudge the wilderness in search for… authenticity. I am a truth seeker.

In my videos I experiment with the theatrical and sterotyped identity of the artist and the impact of my personality on the artwork. Through quickly botched costumes and sets I create fictional personas and trippy narratives, using the performance as a tongue in cheek questioning ground for my new age beliefs.

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