Final year Textiles student Mae Littleton based her designs on trapping natural forms within man made & geometrical patterns.

dsc_0031Tropical Fretwork is based on trapping natural forms within man-made structures and geometric patterns. Taking particular inspiration from patterns within nature found at Kew Gardens, as well as the idea of man made structures such as vast greenhouses and conservatories restricting and interlacing with tropical samplings including; brightly coloured birds, exotic flowers and insects, this project fuses two opposing aesthetics of botanical and architectural into one story in order to create a theme of duality within my collection. With vibrant and bold colours used this collection of women’s fashion fabrics and silk scarves is a bold S/S statement.


textiles-morning-session-hanging-24-020047For this project I’ve explored a diverse range of materials in a variety of textures and finishes, including denims, jersey, silks and neoprenes, alongside print processes such as; digital, screen print, and also contemporary approaches like laser machine for embellishments and 3D hand crafted fashion fabrics. Through this collection I have reinterpreted the textures I documented on my visits to Kew Gardens with marble effects and shiny foils to capture the textures I saw on leaves, large petals and glass roofing. Texture is created on my fabrics through glossy foiled surfaces, small luminous embellishments, and spiky tropical flowers are re-imagined in hand manipulated leather.textiles-morning-session-hanging-24-020080mg_8790Large silk satin scarves are the key focus for this collection, featuring grey scale illustrations as well as bold colour blocking and intricate infills of vibrant colour, textures and motifs are captured within one another and repeated to create complex compositions that reveal themselves in interesting ways when draped around the neck. Tropical Fretwork features bold geometric shapes as well as intricate illustrations which are drawn by hand with graphite pencil, capturing the beauty within nature on paper, which are then transferred onto screen for print design. Combining my passion for illustration with more playful and bright textural collages for this project, I have been able to create a contemporary and vivid collection that has an elegant edge.mg_8843

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