Ewa Ferdynus is a 1st Year Commercial Photography student who took these photographs on a recent trip to London.

As a first year international student who had never taken photography classes before I came to the university, I found it difficult to think about my photography as something deeper, as a form of art with a context. I am used to treating photography as a form of capturing beautiful views, as a way to show other people how I see the world. Something as dull and plain as a street performer can be an interesting subject if we really look hard.


 I take pictures of random people from underground commuters to customer assistants whenever I find or I believe I have found interesting lighting. In fact my pictures are very often about the lighting but also sometimes I am lucky to be in the right place in the right time. As a first year student who had never used a film camera before I came to the university I have fallen in love with analog. The black and white effect and grain can be achieved easily in postproduction process but what really attracts me as a romantic soul is that the light touches a piece of film. The more you think about this process the more magical it gets.


The Sun or the artificial light goes through your lens and affects the film roll. Why have I decided to treat these random snapshots as a project? I will allow myself to use this quote by Henry David Thoreau “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”. My pictures are about traveling, seizing the moment, the opportunity.

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My project’s message? Go out, take your camera and take pictures everytime you find something beautiful.

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