Izzi Hays and Lauren Platts Year 2 BA (Hons) Graphic Design Students creates tools for teaching and learning in schools called Youtopia.


Dystopia is an increasingly regarded concept in popular cultures, but the idea of utopia seems to have been forgotten. Youtopia is the solution to the obstacles standing between today’s world and a better future. Youtopia is a teaching and learning tool used in schools all around the world to educate young people about different cultures and societies. The prototype we created would be for use in countries such as the UK for example, variables for be different for different locations. Distributed to classrooms around the globe, we are encouraging the next generation to think about addressing today’s problems and aspiring to create a better tomorrow. Through an integrated app and updated pen pal system, classrooms around the world are linked and encouraged to open a dialogue and talk about their visions for a better future. Based on the ideas of traditional children’s toys the colour palette and style of the project are strongly visually representative of the concept that changing the world should be child’s play and in the hands of the next generation.


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