Architectural Geometry

By Hannah Green, a recent BA (Hons) Textiles graduate at Arts University Bournemouth. This is her project Architectural Geometry.

This project was based on geometric shapes found within architecture from the 1960s onwards, drawing inspiration from bold shapes and lines, in order to not over complicate the collection and place more focus on the techniques and textures themselves.

The collection was based on the specialisms of surface manipulation and digital print. As a designer I enjoy the exploration of materials and there qualities and really wanted to show this within my work.

I have always been interested in the tradition hand craft techniques and so with this collection I decided to focus on this but added a contemporary twist of using modern ‘technical’ fabrics which wouldn’t usually sit within an interior setting such as, Plastics and Latex.
By doing this I managed to create an innovative collection that gives a life back to a tradition craft, and is complimented by digital print.

For more of her work visit Hannah’s website or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.