Our Chief Article Writer Brittany Sutcliffe attended the hustings at lunch in The Arts Bar to get some scope on the candidates.

BUMFelection_Rory James

Where have you been hiding these passionate people AUB? To avoid any propaganda from BUMF, here’s a quick run-down of the general points covered this afternoon:

  • The Arts Bar was a popular topic with many candidates wanting to jazz up the place, suggesting the wall space as a place for work to hang and to create a more open environment to relax in.
  • Food prices was another; the odd snack isn’t the big issue but when you’re in uni for a full week and you don’t have time for your own packed lunch, it all adds up. Just being able to have a hot meal and a drink is a pain when you know it costs pennies for a cup of tea and a crumpet in your own home. One candidate suggested a reduced section to combine low prices with fixing food waste. Smart.

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  • Being able to pop into uni at a more convenient time for us is important. Saturdays are fab for coming in and getting work done in the library because you get the peace you lack in the week with a full house and music in the courtyard. Many candidates are striving for longer hours and even Sundays for both library and studio times.
  • Hearing that candidates recognise BUMF and the platform of discussion it acts as made me beam. Many want to boost that gallery space, either relocating it or extending it so we’re no longer tucked away downstairs.

BUMFelection_Rory James-10

  • Keeping some of the fab things Lauren and Ismini have put in place in the last year was also on the agenda, wanting to keep the incredibly cheap SU bus trips to various cities as well as the open lecture series going.
  • Encouraging collaboration was also there in the campaigns, finding a better way to communicate with different courses asides Facebook. We all know meeting face-to-face would benefit our networking skills a bunch so everyone proposed some form of hub, a place to formally get in touch and physically meet. I’ve collaborated with a fair few in my first year but I only have BUMF to thank for that as it’s forced me to work with a team of people outside my own discipline.

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I’m extremely satisfied with my first year experience but having put an ear to the President and Vice President candidates, I’m excited to see how my time could be bettered…Make sure to go onto the SU website to cast your vote before the 10th March, each manifesto is on the website so you can see where each candidate differs in policy. Good luck ladies and gents.

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Words by Brittany Sutcliffe, Photographs by Rory James