Composed by AUB Costume & AUB Make-Up

This project was created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Barbie. We wanted to celebrate Barbie as the role model she has been to young girls through the decades. Barbie started in 1959, but has developed into an iconic figure who is constantly striving to show girls and women what they can be capable of.

On the 9th March 2019, Barbie tuned 60, so we decided to recreate the iconic swimsuit and packaging from the original doll. This was a project created by AUB Costume students in collaboration with a select few BA (Hons) Make-Up students. 

The swimsuit was beautifully made by a costume interpretation student named Sophie Reed, accompanied by a matching box constructed by Fynn Ballantine, Modelled by Amber Collier and Hair and makeup by Nina Smith. As part of the costume department this project has been supervised by Michaella Mallett and Katie Lock, with assistance of Maisie Wilkinson and Fern Bartlett

This project was a lovely way to celebrate Barbie’s birthday and female positivity. This photoshoot was only the beginning, as there will be more to come shortly celebrating decades within another photoshoot named ‘Barbie: 60 Years in 60 Seconds’. Our Barbie: 60 Years in 60 Seconds photoshoot features some of Barbie’s most iconic outfits and celebrates the 180+ careers that she’s had. Over the span of two days we’ll be photographing over 100 models of different shapes, sizes, and shades. This photoshoot also showcases the work from the first year costume students as they make their debut into costume interpretation. 

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