Curated by Annie Bushell of BA Illustration at the Arts University Bournemouth, Bourne Into The Wild exhibition is part of the Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe; Annie explains:

As a nature and wildlife enthusiast, it saddens me to see many animals and species becoming endangered and I decided I wanted to do something about this.
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The exhibition I’ve curated is called ‘Bourne Into The Wild’ and will be held at The Factory Studios Boscombe on the 30th October, 6 – 10pm.
The exhibition is in conjunction with Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe and is one of many events.
It will feature 25 artists works, including myself. The artists featured are ones of all different levels, including graduates, first years, third years and even students from other universities.
150728 BITW - Giant Elk
The works exhibited will illustrate both endangered and extinct animals in varied mediums, such as sculpture, digital, paint, zines and traditional methods.
With this exhibition I hope to raise awareness of the high number of endangered species and how this is constantly growing.
Not only is this a great way for students and artists to get their work out there but it’s also to raise money for the local wildlife charity – Dorset Wildlife Trust.
And not to forget, there will be free wine!
Unwilling Mandrills
Here is the Facebook page, in case there’s anything I’ve missed: Bourne Into The Wild