Directed by Ellie Milner

The purpose of this project was to combine make-up, typically associated with beauty, and insects, typically thought of as ugly and unattractive. Inspired by the microscopic photography of Levon Bliss, the make-up aims to take the beauty of textures and colours found in iridescent insects and reflect it in the hair and face. These transform and reflect the beauty in the, originally thought, obscurity of insects. 

Beauty is subjective to it’s observer and here we push the boundaries of traditional beauty. Inspired by Levon Bliss’ Microsculpture photography of taxidermied insects, we’ve bought these models to life; out of the ashes.

Insects are typically thought of being unattractive, dirty, and general pests. However through Levon Bliss’ photography these creatures have been highlighted in all their glory. The detail of the images reveals hidden textures and a beautiful iridescence on the insects chosen.

Taking this concept and applying it to ourselves as humans, we used makeup to echo the textures and colours found on the insects. The concept allows room for both the insects and the models to remain beautiful in their own right. The medium of makeup uses a tool typically used to make someone ‘prettier’ or more beautiful. It is appropriate then to reciprocate that from the beauty of the insects and collide it with beauty in human forms.

Make-Up Artist  – Ellie Milner 

Assistant Make-Up Artist  – Eliza Jones

Graphic DesignerHannah Young

Photographer – Anirud Krishna

Models – Eddie Ikama, Abbey Fletcher
and Holly Maddock