Fay // This project explores the beauty of the ocean from the intricacies of the shore, slowly progressing towards an overview of the Bournemouth coastline. This project aims to emphasise how small we feel when we’re near the sea and hint towards a sense of awe and wonder which can be felt when near the ocean.


My process involved photographing ink droplets in water. In this way, each photograph was unique because the ink would not ever work in the same way twice; each drop would act differently and this really excited me. I was intrigued by the fluidity of the ink and worked with time-lapse as a method of trying to capture this movement. Throughout this project I also used monoprinting to create organic representations of the landscape and explored the idea of more abstract landscapes with acrylic and ink. I explored a new technique of Suminagashi which is Japanese marbling which was effective in creating intricate patterns.

Although I did enjoy working with colour, I chose to stick to a limited colour palette nearer the end of the project because I didn’t want to focus to be on the colour of the sea but the textures, patterns and intricacies. My final images evoke a sense of narrative because of the recurring man in the boat. I didn’t want to figure to be completely recognisable as I wanted the audience to be able to connect with the image, imagining they are the one in the boat. So, I kept the figure to a simple white silhouette which complements the luminescence of the landscapes.


I was inspired heavily by the film Life of Pi from its stunning portrayal of the ocean through visual effects. I wanted to reflect the sense of magic and wonder felt in this film into my images. To do this I inverted all my images in Photoshop. Inverting my artwork helped create more of a magical atmosphere as it highlighted the delicate shapes within the ink. I really enjoyed merging photography and drawing and this is definitely a style I would like to explore further in future projects throughout the year.

Instagram // fay.troote.illustration