Caz// The fashion editorial series “Behind Closed Doors” original concept was based around the narrative of a woman who, although wealthy, is incredible lonely having deal with a husband that shows her no attention or appreciation. As she is waiting for him to take her out for the evening she catches the sight of him out the window of him with another women. After battling with the emotional pain he has caused her, in her rage she murders him. She is haunted by what she has done and is slowly driven mad. In this madness she finds peace within the dark corners of the house she now possesses.

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Inspiration for this project was taken from photographers such Gregory Crewdson, Olivia Beasley and Frank Herholdt. Visually each photo is revealing an aspect of the narrative and though not being completely literal, within each frame there are subtle hints of other characters in the story and what becomes of them. The shoot was done over 2 days and set in a Manor House in Cornwall. The clothing was chosen and styled by Jemima Smale (@jemimaeloisefashion) a Fashion student in Plymouth. The model in the images is Layla Dawn (@laylaladawn) who has a solid career as a dancer. Assisting was the very talented Stefano Naddeo photographer (@s_naddeophotography) who is studying Commercial Photography alongside myself.

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