Rachel// My project responds to the ‘Sector 5’ brief of ‘Book Jacket covers’ from the 2nd year IOT (Interpretaton of Text) unit.
Choosing Daphne du Maurier from a set list of authors, I have created a series of 5 book jacket covers that celebrate the 80th anniversary of Penguin Books. Targeted specifically towards an American audience, these covers aim to breathe life back into the otherwise old and uninspiring paperback designs that typically appear on du Maurier’s novels.

The process of creating these covers first began with primary research; reading the novels. After noting inspiring quotes or moments within the stories, I went about thumb-nailing initial ideas. After several rounds of roughs, I selected the strongest designs and sketched final detailed roughs which I would later use to digitally render.

unnamed-1 unnamed-2

Up until a year ago, my work comprised of mixture of traditional dry and wet mediums, however, I later transitioned onto Photoshop and finally onto Procreate- a drawing app I primarily use to create final artworks.
Upon completing the five finished artworks, I arranged them into InDesign, experimented with fonts and their placement, and finally mocked them up on book templates using Photoshop.

unnamed-3 unnamed-4

Within my practice I naturally gravitate towards objects and still lives. The way in which we would approach and view an object before us is completely changed the moment we translate the physical item onto paper through a drawing or painting. The fact that the most mundane of items such as a spoon can be made into a piece of artwork worthy of your attention and contemplation is fascinating to me, and so it is only natural for me to use objects as a focal point within my cover designs.
Another beautiful quality of objects is the symbolic meaning behind them and how the viewer must interpret them. Take my cover of Rebecca for example; I have used an old gun which has connotations of a specific time period, fighting and murder/death, which I have combined with a coiled snake which has connotations of deceit, betrayal and feminine temptation. With these elements a viewer is able to decipher the genre and themes without having the narrative led out before them in a overtly literal and uninspiring way.

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