Tobias Ahlbrecht is currently on BA (Hons) Photography at Arts University Bournemouth and presents his alternative coverage of the 2015 Bournemouth Air Festival.

I recently went to the local Airshow in Bournemouth to capture a few images of this famous and stunning, yet controversial event.My photographic series aims to present not just the typical tourists attractions like the well-known Red Arrows but yet to present some of the rather surprising reactions of the crowd to the show.

Tobias Ahlbrecht Air Show010Tobias Ahlbrecht Air Show002

To underline my photographic impression of the show, Priscilla Aroean, a student of fashion at the AUB has put down her very own thoughts of the Air Show:

“The infamous annual event took place for its seventh time this year displaying breath-taking air shows and an array of army jets and planes making their seats on the grounds of Bournemouth town centre.

Tobias Ahlbrecht Air Show009 Tobias Ahlbrecht Air Show003

There has always been anticipation for this show and it surprises me how no one gets tired of seeing the same thing each year. Well, not entirely the same things, just similar but still varied. I would be lying to you if I were to say that I have always loved hearing the sound of roaring planes above the roof my house as it gives me real joy and a sense of peace in my mind (!). I actually hated it in fact, when I first heard this loud trail of engine knocking down my eardrums.

Tobias Ahlbrecht Air Show006 Tobias Ahlbrecht Air Show005

Little did I know that I would eventually start to see how incredible the show would be, seeing it with my own eyes and capturing the essence of the crowd in awe as we all watch these pilots, who probably do this for a living and have been trained for years to execute such skill, in fear but full of adrenaline to create a show-stopping experience for the residence and visitors of the seaside town.

Tobias Ahlbrecht Air Show008 Tobias Ahlbrecht Air Show001

It was awful to have heard the loss of a Red Arrows pilot, Jon Egging, a few years ago. After his death, there were remembrances to celebrate his life. This goes to show how much of a huge risk these people are taking to put on a 30 minute (or less) show for the delight of the viewers and I massively applaud the people who get involved in this “life and death” situation just for the show. It makes me appreciate the show even more knowing that they are risking their lives for this but it also makes me smile when events such as the Air Festival bring people of all ages, gender and background together and are able to mutually enjoy this piece of art. The sense of community it creates is amazing and you would have to be able to experience this at least once in your lifetime as a student, which is very different to that of a usual Friday night in a club.I have been watching the show myself ever since I moved to Bournemouth, which was 2009, and I would always look forward “

 Tobias Ahlbrecht Air Show007Tobias Ahlbrecht Air Show002

Photographs by Tobias Ahlbrecht (Acranius Photographie)

Personal Review by Priscilla Aroean