Peter Henderson, a 2nd Year Illustration Student has created an interactive website about the coming up EU referendum on 23rd June, Peter was previously featured as our Friday Feature

Peter Henderson

Click the image to see Peter’s interactive website.

‘Branexit’ is a fully interactive website about British animal’s opinions on the upcoming EU referendum (‘Brexit’). I have tried to add humour and interaction to this political topic. The vote is on June 23rd, so ties in well to my final unit of this year.

The page introduction pulls you into the environment of the first scene, acting as both a loading screen and a cinematic title sequence. Then you are brought to the main interface, in which every animal is animated to speak when you click on them, giving a satirical opinion which relates to something in their surroundings. The backgrounds are also interactive, allowing the viewer to play with various parts of the scenes and engage with the content. There are even some hidden Easter eggs to be found…

For my previous unit I started to explore the possibilities of interactivity within my illustrations, making a scrolling website about my Dad’s expedition to Greenland. It really opened my eyes to what is possible for my illustration practise, and this time I wanted to create something even more interactive, which would work on mobiles as well as desktops, and allow the viewer to explore with more freedom.

I researched more into User experience and tried to create an engaging, playful and easy to use site, that wasn’t over cluttered with tabs, but had only the essentials for navigating through the page.

I wrote over 4000 lines of code, all from scratch, and designed every part of the website from the main illustrations to the icons and animations. It was a good challenge to see where my practise can go, and exciting for me creatively. I am planning to continue exploring interactive design over the summer, and really try to push the boundaries going into my final year.
I feel that illustration is in a really exciting moment, its broadening its wings and dipping inside formats that it hasn’t before, even creating new outlets for itself. The web is just one of these, and its something that I think stretches as far as your creativity can take you.


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Instagram: @petehendersonart