Ibrahim Azab is a 2nd Year Photography Student who explored the misconception of brutalist architecture. broken building brutal grid building

Brutally Rendered Spaces explores contemporary concepts within photography which reflects directly on the misconception of brutalist architecture and the failure within photography to truthfully represent space of an architectural nature.

town hall 2 The project suggests that photographs represents a way of ‘seeing’ in that our vision ( an external sense) renders and re appropriates reality as we believe it to be. The image itself was photographed on 5 x 4 field camera (Black and white 30 second exposure) of Le Corbusier’s Unité d’habitation, Berlin. wynham court anglewynham court

The image was digitally transferred using Photoshop and Sketchup ( Architectural software). A visual illusion is present within the image as it appears to bend a flat surface. The project also refers to models and how they can cause a misconception within representing space that appears to the viewer to be accurate in reality.

final 1

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Instagram page – @ibby_azab