This week our BUMF Feature focuses on Edward Zorab, an alumnus who studied for a Foundation Diploma in Art at AUB before moving to London and attending the Met Film School at Ealing Studios. He has just completed his third short film, Spacemen, and is in pre-production for his fourth.

In our BUMF Features we give one AUB student, or alumnus, a feature article for one week, and we interview them to find out a little more about them and their work.

Bumf Gallery_Spaceman Screening-4Edward Zorab’s “Spacemen” seems to be cyclic, unintentionally echoing how Wade Wilson aptly sums up life; “an endless series of train wrecks with only brief commercial-like breaks of happiness”. I’d reckon Jimmy’s your average fella, with the wide-eyed innocence that we’re all “blessed” with. Dressing yourself up as the self-important protagonist in your own life takes us back to that age where we think we know it all. Ah, how university life has changed all that (stop me, before I weep over the Year 11 Glory Days). Where was I?Ah yes. Hallucinations of a suicidal spaceman. I’d run you over the full plot of Ed’s film but since it’s 15 minutes, just a bit rude on our part that you’ve clicked on this without clicking on that. C’mon. It’s beaut. I could quite happily watch through Jimmy’s telescope for as long as time permits. I’m just going to share some of my thoughts towards the film since it’s an intelligent commentary as opposed to a 20-minute Family Guy skit (sorry to let you down).

Bumf Gallery_Spaceman Screening-11

It’s hard not to get caught up in that deep space dream world, each of ours differs slightly but we all have time we set aside to purely indulge in daydreams of our futures. It’s important to acknowledge that and know when to set it aside. When you’re photographing a crash-landed Spaceman, you might clock you’ve gone a step too far when you get the prints back and realise you were taking pictures of grass all along. This was never revealed, but you have your fingers crossed that Jimmy’s not that far gone in his delusions.

Bumf Gallery_Spaceman Screening-14

Jimmy’s Spaceman packing his bags, flying the nest or crash-landing in flames is synonymous to inner voices or external assumptions about life being repeatedly crushed as our experiences are so far apart from them. There’s no clear path; Cadence rejects Jimmy then, later on, we see them back in Finnegan’s Forest. Life’s not the magical love story little ones envision, it’s actually pretty bloody complicated. Our expectations are set so high that we want to trip head over for someone immediately and be done with it, that the good stuff happens automatically after choking on a potato or proposing over the smallest glimmer.
If there’s anything to take from this, it’s how much dating has changed for us. How the hell Jimmy would fend on Tinder, I couldn’t bear to watch.

Bumf Gallery_Spaceman Screening-16

I’ve watched Spacemen a few times now and it manages to harvest that warmth that we sometimes view our childhood and teenage years with. I chuckle each time at the same bits and I’m quite thankful to have finally seen a film that doesn’t wash over the purely hormonal dread of disappointment that comes with dating. Suddenly, all those over-exaggerated emotions make sense and you can sigh with relief that we really all were in the same boat

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If you missed it, here’s the full length film.

Words by Brittany Sutcliffe, Photographs by Rory James