Exhibition: 2nd – 19th February 2016

As Jordan Bosher’s I’m sorry you didn’t know echoes through the gallery with its awkward silences, pauses and ‘umm’s’, the photography exhibition in the Bumf Gallery is a rather mysterious, small, yet impacting exhibition. The exhibition provides a series of quotes about the nature of the object and its representation, and the ephemerality of photography and life.

The work exhibited here is an innovative, technology-based approach to photography, mixing digital and traditional methods, along with film and animation. Yasemin Topcam’s work focuses on the boundaries between reality and illusion, and Ryan Macphail’s Topography is an intriguing image that plays with the notion and representation of landscape. Toby Wilson’s animation on the ipad studies the object in its 3D form, questioning the form and presentation of an object in photography. 12688062_10156492561635075_376675340547344182_n

Bosher’s work adds an almost comical touch to the exhibition that fits perfectly with the experience of attending almost any exhibition. We often cannot articulate the meaning of the work in front of us, and these awkward pauses reflect the processes in our brain when we view an image or sculpture that is open to interpretation.

It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just what you did… is on until February 19th in the Bumf Gallery under University House. Check it out while you can!12513672_1685181428430970_3001630197532080928_o