Created by Jack Roper and Michael Lacey this film was inspired by the love and compassion of Jack’s father to Jack and Michael to his son, Leon, who both appear in the film.

The film was thought out and planned over the course of a few months at work. After which, during the summer it was put into full production. Shot in Stammer Park in Brighton and a wood recycling plant over just two days.

I was the only filmmaker on the job as it was a zero budget film – I directed, edited shot, produced, designed everything.

The music Roots of the Tree was written and performed specifically for this film by my best friend Adam William Balfour, of which you can find more of his music on YouTube. I gave him a short brief and two weeks later he came back with that beautiful piece, which worked wonderfully with the film and it’s elements.

All told this is one of my personal favourite projects that I have done to date. Showing just how strong the bond between father and son really can be.

Make sure to check out Jack’s showreel on Vimeo.