Celia Grenville a 3rd Year Costume and Performance Design Student. For one of her projects this year she has recreated Philip II of Spain’s clothing and has collaborated with other AUB students to produce her series of images.

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I decided for my final major project to recreate the portrait of Philip II of Spain. I had to make a doublet, trunk-hose and a coat. I had never really made a male costume before, let alone one from this period. There was so much research I needed to do, to get the structure and silhouette right. I had the chance to go up to London to the V&A archives and got shown clothing from the 16th century which helped a lot.

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I have learnt so much during this project, the basic tailoring techniques, piping, roulo-louping. It definitely something that has pushed me to my limits and tested my emotions.

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The fun part of this project was sourcing all the fabrics and trimmings, and being able to be my own designer which I  enjoy a lot, making decisions that pleased me. I learnt how to negotiate prices of fabric and doing my research into cheaper options that are just as effective.

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I want to thank the photographer Sarah Fowell and the make-up artist Kate Garrett for doing such an amazing job on the Photoshoot, which I believe brought it all together.

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