Lucy Walker  a Level 6 Textiles Student has created a textile print collection from scientific and mathematical influences.

Lucy Walker Cellular Sequence (4)

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Cellular Sequences is an exploration of mathematical and scientific sources to influence an interior bespoke textile printed collection. In matters of mathematics, the Fibonacci sequence has been widely researched to give guidance in proportion and measurements through pattern and repeat. This use of a logical sequence creates a sense of order and rationalised pattern. For scientific inspiration, first-hand drawings of plant cells under the microscope have been used through a visit to Bournemouth University’s science department, this was to generate design imagery for prints. These free-flowing shapes that were found within the plant cells integrate a contrasting wonder into the whole collection, disrupting the order of the Fibonacci Sequence, however complimenting the origin of the design work.

Lucy Walker Cellular Sequence (6)
This is a pure print collection, the main focus being bespoke hand screen printing, with digital print integrated into the upholstery samples. To widen the interest into science and mathematics within textiles, smart textiles, are used to create an interactive collection, more specifically thermo chromatic inks, and liquid crystal thermochromics. These inks have been printed onto aspects of a select number of samples, using it mainly to reveal patterns underneath when heated to its activation temperature. Designed for interior purposes, this collection focuses on the use of bright colour, scale and bold pattern, applied to surfaces such as wallpaper, wood, acrylic and upholstery fabric. Through a visit to London Science Museum, the market application of the prints is intended for academic spaces, such as areas within the Science Museum, within university buildings or libraries. Creating an interest within the walls of the building, not just from within the books it contains.

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The intention of this project is to bring textile design into the future, pushing the boundaries of what it can achieve. It is to bridge the gap between science, mathematics and textile design, to lessen the myth that such subjects should be kept separate.


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