Our Chief Article Writer Brittany Sutcliffe and Photographer Kate Wolstenholme visit the AUB Christmas Market.

On Wednesday we had the Christmas market in the courtyard! I’m not one for Christmas but I am one for “wavey” garments, cake and the odd bit of music as I crawl from my studio to the canteen. I’ve finally put my finger on what makes cake sales so successful; the money we’re giving to support the Fine Art grad show outweighs the guilt of scoffing a slab of cake. That’s the kind of charity I can get behind (hint hint, fundraisers). Fair play to the chap singing Christmas carols, takes a lot of confidence to stand up and perform, let alone on a cold winter’s day in a university courtyard.

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Cheers for the Christmas cheer, it definitely needed at the end of this term. I’ve blinked and it’s gone. My last review until the new year so have a lovely holiday (that is an order) and keep an eye out for January’s issue!

Words by Brittany Sutcliffe // Photographs by Kate Wolstenholme