Carlie Barlow a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design & an ABC award in Interior Design student.

A series of unique and innovative patterns in different forms of media which have been developed from various imagery of urban architecture and rural landscapes. Abstract drawings and collages were produced primary, completed small scale in pen and ink or coated in wax as well. These small drawings are fragmented consisting of markings, shapes, lines and textures overlapping in a composition experimenting with the adaptation of perspectives combining geometry and line of the urban influences combined with fragments of rural influences. Secondly these small abstracts were photographed and digitally manipulated and transformed into repeat patterns. Some were also produced into screen prints. All produced for my own collection of 50 patterns and a contribution to a collaborative project; Bespoke Interiors Collective, a group of 4 other artists and designs promoting their own collections also. Each collection having different influences and development/production stages making us all unique. We collaborated to rent out a shop in the middle of Bath town for a pop-up shop/exhibition to promote our collections.


My ideas for these prints are to be used as wallpaper prints and fabrics for interior spaces. Some of which I produced sample swatches for Bespoke Interiors Collective. Some have been produced into large canvases with the pattern printed digitally onto cotton and stretched over my hand made canvas frames. I also have visions for these prints being used for dramatic exterior surfaces of architecture or as tiles and large panel screens for interiors. I wish for my patterns to be used as decoration and act as art for the everyday, to transform a space and add character to interior architecture as opposed to the common decorations you see everyday. I see pattern making as a infinite project and plan to produce more, experimenting with different possibilities in the development stage and finalising in various finishes of materials.


I have taken influence from artists and designers such as: Timorous Beasties, Julie Mehretu, Yayoi Kusama, Heather Barnett and Ptolemy Mann.


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