Illustrated by Toby Fox

This project, illustrated by Toby Fox is made up of 18 illustrations divided into three series the Albinos, Nocturnals and Crimsons. I wanted to keep my execution simple with these paintings; the idea was to showcase the impossible creatures, so I favoured flat coloured backgrounds and realistic rendering.


I like to think of all these creatures as wild in nature, as dangerous and noble as they are beautiful. Dancing alone, beneath the waves, the mermaid is rare to spot and is elusive. It is a cruel irony that so few will ever see her performance. The phoenix’s life is an isolated one, for the bird must give her life in an explosion of flame to hatch her young. They say to hear the Phoenix’s song is to know true loneliness.

Beware the charms of the Harpy’s song for their rapacious hunger is far more deadly than their music is sweet.

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