Dan French a 3rd Year Illustration Student creates a digital series based on a story of Norse mythology.

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For my Final Major Project at Level 6 BA Illustration, I created a body of work comprising concept art, storyboards, character designs, environment designs and more for an original animated film proposal titled ‘The Tree of Life’. Based on Norse mythology, the story follows a young woman called Ani from a frozen corner of Earth, who sets out on a perilous journey to restore balance to the cosmos after a cataclysm devastates her homeland and separates her from her people.

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In the story, the cosmos is inhabited by mortals and Gods alike, as well as creatures who dwell within the innermost branches of the grand Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, which connects each of the Realms. Ani’s Inuit-inspired tribe, the Yavapai, dwell at the farthest peak of the Earthly Realm, living in harmony with nature and telling stories of the worlds just beyond their reach. Traces of the cosmos can be found all around here, in the blazing arms of the Aurora Borealis and the lonely blossom tree which the Yavapai revere as a shrine to Yggdrasil itself. High above, in Asgard, the actions of the maligned God Tyr set in motion a chain of events that will have consequences for the entire cosmos…

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‘The Art of The Tree of Life’ compiles all my story ideas, visual concepts and artwork developed for the project in a detailed original publication, exploring the different worlds and the characters who inhabit them, with contextual reference to such famed animated sagas as Avatar and The Legend of Korra. As I look forward to graduation and life after university study, I aim to take all I have learned and crafted in this project with me into new artistic ventures, with an eye for entering animated film production as a professional career.

Here’s a link to the full digital series of Dan’s illustrations:

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For more of Dan’s work:
Website – www.danfrenchillustration.com
Store – https://society6.com/danfrench
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Dan-French-Illustration-357002770993940/
Instagram – @cosmicstories
DeviantArt – http://cosmicstories.deviantart.com