Gabe // Set in the countryside, a Touring Grand Prix takes the race through a small town only to have an unexpected car join the race!

This animation was done during my final project in Second Year. The brief allowed me to explore animation and moving image, which was great as I was keen to start developing and translating my work into animation. I chose to create the animation using Blender, which is a free to use 3D program.


I had decided to create an animation about a 60’s Grand Prix as I was excited to explore and research archival footage and classic car design. It seems that most modern day vehicle design is similar to one another and the cars themselves have less character than vehicles during the mid 21st Century. Reading through books, old magazines and the web I started to pick out and illustrate the vehicles I wanted to use in the race.


The next challenge was to translate my Illustrations over into a 3D style which still upheld my visual language. For me this was the most challenging, as the technical aspect of using 3D programs was very new to me. I only had very basic 3D program knowledge, and ended up spending a lot of time flicking back and forth from YouTube tutorials.


As well as creating the 3D Models for the vehicles I also had to create the characters and sets. For me this posed an exciting challenge as I wanted to set the race in a realistic but unusual place for a race. I wanted the race to go through normal streets and countryside lanes rather than a normal race track’. As for the characters, a mixture of time restraints and style choices led me to create 2D flat characters that would sit inside the 3D vehicles. I feel that they work really well, and give a funny and interesting vibe to the world they inhabit.


The plot was to be very simple as it was only an 10 week project, and I wanted to focus on the visuals rather than the story. I had initially envisaged a civilian car getting caught up in the race, and this idea went through a few iterations. For the final animation, I’m still not sure it’s that clear other than it’s a race. But overall I’m really pleased with the animation, I feel the strongest scene is the final one, as by then I’d worked out more technical aspects and had started to push the creative and playfulness of my illustrations.


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