Illustrated by Megan Marett

I chose adult fiction as a sector, and within this produced 4 illustrations and a book jacket cover for Daydream and Drunkenness of a Young Lady by Clarice Lispector. The book consists of three short stories, each revolving around the secrets and desires of a female protagonist. I found the stories to be heavily metaphor driven, there is a continuous feeling of doubt and wonder thought throughout the text, so I felt that the illustrations I created would be less of an exact representation of what was happening with the characters and more a reflection of the environment they were in, with the hint of the character’s presence.

To decide which aspects of the text to illustrate, I selected quotes I liked or found interesting and illustrated what came to mind beneath them. Through doing this I found myself working primarily in pink, which I continued to do throughout the project as I felt it created a warm and feminine aesthetic which echoed the themes of wonder, doubt and realisation in the text.

I’ve found that so far at university, I’ve been pining to establish a personal ‘style’ of artwork and have been yet to refine the various ways I work into one specific style. Each of my projects from first year all look completely different to one another, so my focus this year is to begin to try and create a recognisable aesthetic throughout my work. In this project, I experimented with different ways of creating work in crayon and pursued a minimalistic way of working which to my surprise has become a strength of mine. 

The simplistic style and limited colour palette I used is a format I have not worked in before, and when reflecting on my research of illustration within the adult fiction sector, I can see that this style can be adapted to suit many different briefs and genres. The look I have begun to develop here is one that I plan to apply to future projects I create and I look forward to seeing how my work from this project will influence my illustration throughout my next unit.

I made the decision to use traditional materials like pencils, crayons and collage to produce my artwork because I felt that these suited the minimalistic style I wanted to achieve. My images are made up of three layers of colour based on the importance of the object or character presented.