Illustrated by Cristian Blanaru 

I was in my last year of high-school of arts in Romania when I typed illustration for the first time on my computer keyboard. I have studied drawing, painting and sculpting in a classical manner for several years but by the time I graduated high-school I was looking for something else, a new challenge perhaps.

I quickly found myself immersed in the beautiful images created by illustrators around the world and I decided I want to join that community and learn their craft. There was no illustration degree at any university in my country at that time, so I decided to leave home and study in England. I graduated from Coventry University with a degree in Fine Art and Illustration three years later. I took a year off after that and now I am studying MA Illustration at the Arts University Bournemouth with the goal to become a freelance illustrator and to quit having unfulfilling part-time jobs.

When I started working digitally I was simply making clumsy brush strokes on top of scanned drawings with the computer mouse. I do now have a digital tablet, thankfully and I am still using Photoshop ever since. My work is mainly digital, I am using pencil and paper in the early stages as this helps me get the images out of my head in a more efficient way.

The subject of my illustrations concentrates around the human figure. I am fascinated by psychology, the mind and interpretation of dreams and I always try to convey a picture of the subconscious. I love to draw and look at portraits and to observe the glare of the eyes, which feels like an invitation to connect with the artwork. 

I am also inspired by symbolism, things that I read from books or magazines and another artists’ work. I am writing to acknowledge the impact they had on me and to mention names such as James Jean, Owen Gent, Pat Perry, Sainer Etam, Thomas Cian, Rene Magritte and Egon Schiele.

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