Our article writer, Abbie James, attended Commercial Photography’s Silent Auction in the BUMF Gallery last week. Here’s what she had to say:

It’s 5:00pm and the BUMF Gallery is teeming with people. Last Friday BA Commercial Photography hosted a silent print auction to raise money for their end of year show. Even from the floor above you could hear the hum of conversation, perhaps enhanced by the wine available to the guests, courtesy of the gallery hosts.


The auction showcased a great variety of Photography, from landscape to portrait, to fashion. In each and every image you could see evidence of an individual student, with unique ideas and visions. Prints were on auction in a number of sizes, from standard A4 to larger framed portraiture prints, and beneath each one lay an auction sheet. The beauty of the silent auction is that people are far more likely to engage due to the fact that they have the time and opportunity to make judgements and decisions on the art without time limits.


Starting bids range from as little as £2.00 to as high as £15.00 for larger, extremely high quality prints. If you have a penchant for photography, events like these are incredible for purchasing accomplished works at such a low price; wonderful, perhaps, for beginning a collection.


It is clear to see however, that a great number of guests were there to simply support the artists’ work. Friendly faces and lively conversation easily spotted, and it is always heartwarming to see students from other courses supporting each other.

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I took a moment to have a quick chat with one of the photography students hosting the auction, and she told me that the concept of a silent auction just seemed like a perfect way to raise money for their course show. It allows the students to showcase their talents, learn to properly display their photography in a gallery setting, and just seemed like a good, fun idea.


If you want to know more about the talented artists in Commercial Photography visit https://edit54.com/

To donate to their grad show https://www.gofundme.com/edit54

Words by Abbie James, Photographs by Alice Clarke