Ellen// My work alternates between abstraction and representation and explores the haptic materiality of the photographic surface, creating primary forms and saturated colour. This current final major project, SKIN, is documenting the surface of the photographic medium. This is done using the macroscope facilities in the Photography Department focusing on the extreme detail of the subject and being able to produce both digitalised and analogue results. These images aim to reveal the sculptural properties of photography and its medium by creating structures only using photographic paper. After being photographed, the detail of a photographs surface is revealed and each individual grain can be clearly seen. This work has been majorly influenced by the developments of photograph as object in current contemporary photography which has been shown in many recent exhibitions such as Paris Photo where photographers are exploring the tactile nature of the medium and treating photographic medium as an object.

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My practice throughout this unit has been extremely experimental at looking how I could reveal the surface of the photograph in an abstract way. Most of my image making has been from scrunching photographic paper and even burning the layers to reveal more sculptural properties of the medium which are then photographed. I have managed to create a large body of work that will hopefully be featured in a book that will be presented as part of my final outcomes for my final year studying Photography at AUB.