Akira Mimasu is a final year BA (Hons) Graphic Design student at Arts University Bournemouth.

Here’s what Akira has to say about his final project…

Throughout my final term at Arts University Bournemouth, I focused on change. My weeks of research and experimentation narrowed my subject down to the 2016 EU referendum. In this time of uncertainty and up-coming change, I felt that UK voters have a responsibility to be un-biased and hear both, or more,  sides of the debate before going in and casting their vote for what they think is right. Being an EU student, it was tough to sympathise with ‘Brexit’ supporters, but there is never a definitive and ultimately ‘right’ decision – as I learned through my research phase.


This illustrated print outcome focuses on elevating and illuminating people’s comments, sourced from the world-wide web, to shine a light on the many standpoints and opinions of those engaging with and affected by the debate.


The idea behind my outcome was to gather a variety of social media comments (i.e. on Facebook groups about the referendum, Brexit articles, Pro-Europa articles etc.) where people express their thoughts and concerns about the up-coming referendum. The commenters range from angry Brexiters with a passion for Britain, fearful Britons living in the EU, 16-17 years olds who can’t vote, to those too apathetic and skeptical to try to make a difference.


Essentially I wanted to gather as many varied opinions about the referendum. Then, from there I wanted to elevate these voices from the web into print and illustrate them to shine a light on the different standpoints of the debate. The booklet should then hopefully serve as an un-biased insight into the on-going conversation.

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For more of Akira’s work, visit his Instagram page (@a.mimasu)  or website (akiramimasu.com).


Whatever you think about this issue, your opinion about the EU only counts if you register to vote before the 7th of June. Read more about your vote and how to register here.