Designed by Samara Elms

My project is inspired by the architecture found from various European cities. I am exploring the textures and colours found within these places to create abstract mixed media print pieces, as well as creating illustrative prints depicting the physical form of these cities. The aesthetic I am trying to achieve for this project is a fresh and youthful one, designing for a contemporary interior living space. 

Over the last couple of years, I have been lucky enough to explore these different cities such as Prague, Amsterdam, Budapest and other such places. I fell in love with the mood, colours, the richness and vibrant culture of these cities and wanted to try and take these things that I felt so inspired by and showcase them through making art. 

The prints I am making are mixed media and illustrate a sense of vibrancy which is me trying to create the excitement I felt while travelling these places. I am exploring a range of textile techniques within this project such as screen, digital and UV printing, laser cutting/etching and various surface manipulation techniques such as flocking, foiling, embellishments, embroidery and use of a punching needle. Some of my final designs combine a lot of these techniques all in one which I think flaunt a vibrant and exciting vibe.

I am experimenting with an eclectic range of materials within this project. As well as printing and working with fabrics, I am making wallpapers, UV printing and laser cutting/etching onto acrylics and printing directly onto an up cycled wooden side table. For a long time, the home has been confined to mundane floral prints. I want to be a pioneer in discovering how far we can push the boundaries in interior design and live among bold colour and exciting print. This project has been me not only testing the waters within this idea, but also me pushing my own boundaries and exploring elements of textiles that I never have done before.

See more of Samara’s work on her website.