The BUMF:Gallery is open for exhibition submissions and we want you to submit your ideas!

If you want a chance to see your work exhibited in BUMF’s brand new gallery space, all you need to do is submit your proposal for an exhibition through with the subject ‘BUMF:Gallery’.

It’s easy to submit, and easy to get your work seen by everyone at the Arts University Bournemouth!

The BUMF:Gallery is currently featuring work by AUB students and alumni for an exhibition entitled ‘Identity’, running from 5th-13th November.

Previously, BUMF:Gallery has featured work as part of the Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe from 15th October to 1st November 2015 for exhibitions: (hons)laught and Feminism at AUB.

Don’t forget to submit your work to BUMF now for the opportunity to be published in Issue 2, due in January 2016.